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The reasons for owning a St. John Ambulance first aid kit are painfully obvious. Injuries can happen at home, at play or on the job. St. John Ambulance provides you with full range of high-quality first aid kits for all types of injuries. Designed with you in mind our one-wound one-pack concept ensures quick and easy access to the tools you need in an emergency.

Corporate Kit

St. John Ambulance carries a full line of specialty kits for first aid professionals and industry. Contact your local St. John Ambulance office for kits to meet your WSIB and Department of Labour regulations.


Family Kit

At home or at the cottage this kit contains the essential materials to deal with large, medium and small-sized wounds, as well as burns.


Vehicle Kit

Perfect for any vehicle this kit holds the necessary items to handle first aid on the road. Includes an SOS signal sign.


Babysitter Kit

Easily converted to a backpack or carry bag this kit is perfect for the young babysitter. An emergency number and family information notepad, flashlight and small wound pack are included. The spacious design allows sitters to add books and games.


Sport Kit

From splints to cold compresses this kit contains the necessary first aid supplies to deal with sports injuries. Coaches and trainers will appreciate its compact size – easy to add to a gym or sport bag.


Compact Kit

Light and compact enough to be tucked into a backpack or looped onto a belt – perfect for the outdoors enthusiast. Contains the materials to tend to small and medium-sized wounds.


Fanny Kit

Essential outdoor gear for hiking, cycling, skiing and other activities. This weather-resistant fanny pack can be worn around the waist for easy access when dealing with small and medium-sized wounds.



Convenient key ring pouch design contains a disposable one-way valve CPR mask, wipes and gloves.


If you’re not sure what you require, contact us – it’s our business to know.

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