In-house First Aid Training Programs

We are pleased to present to you our In-Plant Training option, which has been selected by many companies who want the on-site expertise and flexibility of having their own St. John Ambulance certified Instructor on staff.

Our In-Plant Training option is designed for companies who wan the on-site expertise and flexibility of having their own St. John Ambulance certified Instructor on staff to certify employees in First Aid and CPR skills.

Benefits of having an in-house St. John Ambulance First Aid – Instructor


  • First Aid, CPR and AED classes can be arranged at the convenience of the company and its employees. The times of the course, numbers in the class and the dates are entirely at your convenience and not subject to the restrictions of hiring outside independent contractors.
  • Training is easily customized to the company’s particular requirements and hazards.
  • First aid instruction can be provided to all employees in the company, increasing employee safety both at work and at home. Certification fees only apply to those that you are required to have certificates issued for.
  • Studies show that people trained in first aid have fewer injuries. Companies can benefit from the cost savings realized by having less employee down time due to injury.
  • First Aid training can be easily incorporated into new employee orientation programs.
  • Re-certifications are quick and easy to arrange, reducing the chance of overlooking employee certificate expiry dates.
  • Your Instructor can organize regular refresher workshops or lunch and learn sessions to keep employee knowledge and skills sharp. No fees apply for non-certificate training
  • Your St. John Ambulance certified Instructor will be trained on the latest adult education techniques during their Instructor certification course. These skills are directly transferrable to other employee training programs.
  • Preferred client pricing on workplace first aid kits, supplies and AEDs.
  • Free first aid comprehensive assessments to help you meet your regulatory requirements.
  • Annual reports on employee certifications.
  • St. John Ambulance will be your partner in first aid, and will provide continuing education to your Instructor to ensure their skills are current.

More detailed information on our program is found in our Full In-Plant Program PDF
If you have any questions, or you would like to set up an appointment to further determine if this program is right for your company, please contact our Corporate Client Services

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