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Standard First Aid with level C CPR & AED

Standard First Aid with Level C CPR & AED

Certification meets WSIB standards for workplaces in the province of Ontario with more than 5 Employees, and is suitable for workplaces with children on site. This program provides classroom instruction time of 13 hours including testing (both written and practical) of students, normally in a two day format. This is our most comprehensive course for the individual looking to obtain First Aid skills, but not working as a first responder or healthcare provider. Certification is for 3 years, with a renewal available prior to expiry of certification. Participants will learn the roles and responsibilities of a First Aid provider, how to manage an emergency scene, and the skills to confidently respond to a wide variety of different types of injuries and medical emergencies. The level C CPR and AED will teach particpants how to respond to cardiac emergencies for infants, children and adults.

Please note the dates listed below are scheduled classes for the year subject to availability at the time of booking.

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