What is the Key to Life?

Did you know that chewing ASA (AspirinĀ®) in the event of a heart attack can improve survival rates by as much as 25%? ASA (acetylsalicylic acid) works by inhibiting blood platelets from attaching to the blood clot causing the blockage, giving you more time to get emergency help. One ASA tablet or two low dose tablets is all it takes.

Is ASA something you regularly carry with you? If you are like most people, you would find it challenging to get your hands on some ASA tablets in the event of a heart attack emergency.

Thanks to Brett and Andrew Beaulieu, co-founders of Key to Life, we have an easy way to carry ASA with us at all times. Tragically, their motivation was the result of the death of their father, who at 48 years old, suffered a heart attack and passed away. No one at the scene understood that aspirin may have been able to help him. However, when a friend of their family had a heart attack on a golf course, ASA was provided to him and he did survive. Brett and Andrew went on a mission to educate people on the benefits of ASA in heart attack situations and they found a way to help people keep it handy.

Key to Life is a simple screw cap container that has enough room to carry a couple of ASA tablets and it can be easily attached to a key chain.

Key to Life products can be bought at participating St. John Ambulance locations in Ontario. For just $2.99 +hst it is an economical and simple item to carry that could potentially save a life.

Purchase Key to Life today at WWW.SHOPFIRSTAID.CA

ASA is not for everyone!
Please note that not everyone can safely chew ASA tablets and that these containers are not child resistant. Although the amount of ASA they can carry would not seriously harm a child, the containers should not be left where young children could get hold of them. Do not use or provide ASA to anyone who has allergies to ASA or who has been told by a doctor not to take ASA. Do not administer ASA to an unconscious casualty.