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Youth Training Programs

Home Alone - (1 day)

A course created for the 9 and 10 year old age group who may occasionally be left alone for short periods of time - designed to teach skills necessary for staying safe. Ideally, children should be supervised at all times by a responsible adult. However, many common events and situations can result in short term periods where a child must take on the responsibility for themselves. Parents may arrive home later than usual due to unforeseen traffic jams, parents may be next door visiting neighbours or they could become incapacitated due to medical issues that suddenly develop. Whatever the reason, St. John Ambulance believes that youth who are well prepared for the unexpected, will more confidently handle an emergency and be safer as a result. Participants will learn how to deal with phone calls and visitors, recognize hazards and follow home safety procedures, first aid basics, healthy eating, fire safety and how and when to use 911 to obtain emergency help. * This program is a more comprehensive version of the Home Alone program published by the Canada Safety Council.

Please note the dates listed below are scheduled classes for the year subject to availability at the time of booking.

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Babysitting Basics - (1 day) Ages 10 - 14

St. John Ambulance’s Babysitting Basics is a course designed to teach babysitting, leadership and first aid skills in a fun and informative way. Parents want to know that they are leaving their children in the care of babysitters who understand the needs of their children and who can look after them confidently and competently, especially in emergencies. This course provides students with specific knowledge and skills that will enable them to:
  • Develop a mature and responsible attitude toward babysitting
  • Provide physical care for children from infancy to age 10
  • Meet the emotional and intellectual needs of children from infancy to age 10
  • Be aware of safety hazards and practice injury prevention
  • Cope with emergency situations
  • Provide basic first aid

Each student will receive a copy of the Babysitting Basics Handbook and upon successful completion, a St. John Ambulance Babysitting Basics certificate.